untitledIAMCT works to further competency, education and camaraderie between the people who have achieved the Microsoft MCT certification. It shall also provide additional resources needed by MCTs that are not covered by Microsoft’s MCT program. The association should also work to widen the MCT community by arranging TTT-sessions.

The association shall perform its duties trough regular meetings, summits and other activities. The activities should be open to all members and to those specifically allowed by the board. Each year the association also should arrange the MCT Summit during August or September.

The assocation shall be devided into regions consisting of chapters. Each chapter shall be self-governing but must share the common goals of IAMCT. Each region must have a regional lead.

  • Arrange training of MCTs in leadership, group dynamics, presentation skills and rhetoric.
  • Training in courseware authoring, technical guides and other forms of technical texts.
  • Arrange social events for the community on the local platform.
  • Create online meeting space for MCTs in Europe where blogs and wikis are made available.
  • Increase the camaraderie and knowledge exchange between MCTs
  • Increase the number of MCTs and activate current MCTs in the community
  • Additional benefits with local service companies and other interesting companies

Benefits for members

  • Members get substansial discounts all Best Western Hotells world wide
  • Discounts and books and newspapers
  • Members get access to NFR versions of all VMWare products for use in teaching
  • Participation in the local events in your country
  • Discounts on pedagody and technical writing courses (not avaliable in all countries)
  • Private, uncensored, and non-microsoft owned discussions and forums
  • Security training kit from Gemalto

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